The Plan

Plans? Ha! We used to have quite a plan laid out (at the start there was even an excel spreadsheet developed by Andy). We quickly learned the error of our ways. 🙂

Cruising life is in direct opposition to detailed plans. You can have a goal and the desire for it to work. Sometimes you are surprised that it actually does work out. But, as we have discovered it is better to roll with the weather, tides, and the interest we have in staying someplace or pushing on.

At a high level, we wanted to reach the Pacific NW with Tango. Now that we’ve done that, we are putting down dock rat roots for a few years (because we promised the girls). People ask us, what’s next? We really don’t know…and that’s okay.

The how, when, and other details of our next adventure(s) will sort out along the way.

One Response to “The Plan”

  1. Gordon Knight April 4, 2013 at 10:50 am #


    I read your blog with interest and I wondered if you’d considered registering as a contributor to the World Cruising and Sailing Wiki (, where you could share the benefit of your cruising experiences with a wider audience.

    The Wiki, as you probably know, is a collaborative effort by cruisers all round the world to pass on their knowledge for the benefit of others who follow in their wake. Many sections are already the best online resource available, and with the help of more contributors such as you the Wiki could so easily become the most up to date and reliable source of information for cruisers everywhere.

    I hope you will consider registering and helping to update the pages in the sections where you cruise. If so, you would be welcome to post a link to your blog in the Personal Notes section of the relevant pages so that Wiki users can access your blog directly from the Wiki. This is easily done once you are logged in using the format * [http://www.(your blog URL) – your vessel’s name Cruising Blog].

    Contributing to the Wiki is simple once you get the hang of it and the Wiki sysops are happy to help new members in the early stages. It’s also very rewarding to know that your contributions will be helping other cruisers for many years to come – possibly long after your blog has been consigned to history!

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