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Thank you, Dr. Italia!

17 Dec

When we left dock last November, we stocked up on the usual medication for our old man rat terrier, Banyan. But, in typical cruising style, the one thing we hadn’t prepared for is what popped up…a never before seen ear infection.


Dreaming in Lucaya

While we were in the Berry Islands, Banyan began to have ear problems that steadily got worse. There aren’t even any people doctors in the Berrys, so we muddled along as best we could. We tried flushing it out ourselves with a water/vinegar solution and then relieving it with warm olive oil, but it continued to get more infected and swollen…boor boy.

When we got to Nassau, Robin found a nice vet near us…and Andy only had to carry him 1.5 miles each way (two different days)! I’m sure many locals thought we were nutty Americans carrying our dog around. For those who don’t know Banyan, he’s got cataracts (so he can’t see very well), and his hearing has been getting worse each year. In addition to that, his back is starting to go out (causing him to occasionally drag his back legs). With all this going on, he doesn’t like to leave the boat much, or go for long walks anymore. Don’t get me wrong, he still enjoys life, and will puppy bow for treats. He even shreds the toilet paper role…something which I cannot fathom. Why does he care when he’s over 100 (in dog years) and nearly blind and deaf???

We are happy to report though, that after spending yesterday with Dr. Italia (protesting even under sedation in typical terrier fashion), they got his ear cleaned out and set us up with a few weeks of anti bacterial/fungal/inflammatory drops. Turns out he had a gummed up ear that got infected. Apparently 17 years worth of old man dog hair had compacted down in the ear canal (you can all join Tango in a big eeeewwww).

If you are ever in Nassau and need a vet, we give a paw up to Palmdale Vet Clinic, and especially to Dr. Italia Sands-Johnson.


Banyan and a piper


A girl and her dog