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Danger! Explosive bike coming through!

20 Aug

One of the chores we have on Tango is keeping our propane supply topped off. We usually have to do this once every two or three months. It can be laborious when a hardware store or gas station that refills tanks is a long haul from our port. In Jacksonville I had to carry both of our propane tanks around 6 miles when the push cart broke. Here in Vero Beach we are much more fortunate as there is a hardware store about 1.5 miles away. The marina has loaner bikes which makes the job a piece of cake.



Waterway Cleanup

26 Jul

Today we joined hundreds of other people along the Treasure Coast and spent several hours picking up trash. In our little stretch along the Indian River we collected over 40 pounds of trash, including over 26 plastic bottles, several fish hooks, and even a toy ear scope. Having seen the sea animal injuries caused by our trash, we all felt good to remove even just a bit of it, and we decided to make trash cleanup a more frequent Tango activity.

Trash be gone

Trash be gone

Madi was in charge of documenting the trash we found, and she thought some of the categories were really strange (especially the one for washers/dryers).