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Poopy Blues

7 May

We have had issues with our Wilcox-Crittenden toilet since we bought Tango. Being my father’s daughter, I was determined to fix it. At first the $80 repair kit seemed to do the trick, although it cost me a day covered in poopy water and some knuckle skin. My family watched with wrinked noses, and the captain would pop his head in every so often to see if I needed help. Being boaty means knowing your systems, and after that repair I can confidently say I know our toilet and waste system.

But (were you waiting for that word?), my fix was temporary. Sigh, and double sigh. This week I finally admitted defeat. Actually, the W-C just up and died, cracking on the pump side. Every time the girls would pump, pee water would spray out and the dog would come running to lick it up. For about five minutes I contemplated fixing that, but I quickly came to my senses.

For me, a working bathroom is the distinction between camping and home. For a week we were camping while we waited for our ordered toilet to arrive. Today was the day! Oh, happy mail! Goodbye W-C, may you rest in peace.


This was my second marine toilet install, and it only took a few hours!


The clean, shiny lack of stink in our new Raritan makes me wonder – why did I hold out so long?

Here’s to many happy flushes…and no more camping.