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Sombrero Reef

23 Mar

Light winds and quiet waves made for a great day to sail out to Sombrero Reef lighthouse to do a bit of snorkeling with Uncle Jim. Andy and Robin lazily slept in, so we got a late start and weren’t sure we’d get a mooring ball out at the lighthouse. Because it’s a reef, it’s illegal to anchor out there, and mooring balls are in high demand. Fortunately a sailboat left right as we pulled up into the field!

Even though the waves had died down, the visibility was still low so we didn’t see much of the reef because of the milkiness of the calcium carbonate silt. We still had fun watching the yellow snapper swirl around for cracker bits, and the girls did their usual crazy diving board jumps off the bow. We even spotted a few sea turtles cruising around eating jellyfish.

Max on the lookout

Max on the lookout for a mooring ball…or more chicken

Sombrero lighthouse

Sombrero lighthouse…built in 1858

Sailing is rough

Sailing is rough without candy

Sea turtle spotters

Sea turtle spotters

Come in Andy, the water's great!

Come on in Andy, the water’s great!