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Too busy

25 Apr

File this one under “what was Robin thinking?”

We are staying up the New River at Cooleys Landing near the Science and Art museums (that’s why Robin picked this marina…plus it’s cheaper than the sister one on the ICW).

Coming in off the ocean, we turned left into the New River and were transported into a narrow canal with large power boats lining the shore and vessels in front and behind us. So narrow and busy and three bridge lifts on this snaky and winding road of water. In one spot, I fully expected us to scrape the concrete bulkhead to allow a paddlewheel tourist boat to pass our port side. Didn’t happen, thanks to Andy’s  mad captain skills, but it did raise our heart rates!

Our slip is just a parking space off this road, so we have watched the crazy traffic zipping up and down river. Many of the large power boats get towed through this section, probably because it is so narrow and windy.

We made it just fine, but both Andy and I prefer wide open waters to the zip and dash of the city.