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Why yes, I am MacGyver

4 Dec

I have a mifi device with a Batelco SIM (this is Robin, by the way). Great internet until yesterday, when it kept telling me that there was no SIM card. This is my work backup, so it’s kind of important. Grrrr…

Looking inside, I realized that one of the connector pins broke. Something that could be Ebay repairable, but out here where there are barely stores and clean water, chances are if you can’t fix it, it stays broken.


SIM connector bed...if you look really, really close you can see it

After some google detective work, I learned that some copper wire pinned under the connector might do the trick. Cool…but apparently in all our spare wire aboard we don’t have anything with copper. Really?

Fortunately, Hans the marina manager (and yes, he is German) found me some. He wandered over to a construction project and clipped a few inches off a new plug’s ground wire. I pounded it down with a hammer into a thin bar like strip, snipped it into teeny tiny little bar segments and embedded them into the connector bed.


Copper bits

Viola…working mifi internet!! Yes, I am still gloating.