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Take that, Julia!

15 Apr

There is one bridge on the ICW that we have been focused on since winds and circumstances forced us to take the inside passage (the ICW instead of the Atlantic) to Coconut Grove, Florida. All fixed bridges on the ICW have a height of 65 feet EXCEPT for the Julia Tuttle Causeway bridge (56 feet).

Our mast height is 54 and change (change being all the pokey gear above the halyard). We have discussed the how and when of this bridge, and contingency plans, for over a month now. We really wanted to clear it and make the easy 10 miles to Coconut Grove, instead of backtracking through bridge lift hell for 20ish miles to go on the outside. Some sailboats will tie their halyard off to a dinghy and heel over to get under the bridge. As a catamaran, we don’t have that option. So we filled up all our tanks to weigh ourselves down, and headed out at slack low tide.

Well, this morning I can happily report that we cleared THE bridge…so take that, Julia!