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Take two

12 Nov

Finally! All the squally north wind junk calmed down enough, allowing us an escape window from Florida. Without enough of a break in the weather giving us the time to get down to Miami and across to Bimini, we revised our plans and shot across to Freeport on Grand Bahama. Just in time for more gale force north winds to start up on Wednesday…which means no kayaking or snorkeling for a few more days. I know…sad. But the girls are hoping to find some storm sea glass, and we are all looking forward to conch salad and curry chicken.

We left around 11PM and motor sailed all night, arriving at Sunrise at 2:30 PM. We had nice winds the whole trip, helping speed us along across the gulf stream. Everything was uneventful until suddenly instead of the quiet putt putt of our old diesel engines, it sounded like a helicopter was chasing us off our starboard. It makes that sound when it’s not spitting out exhaust water (those darn thing tends not to run well without water to cool). Andy thought he’d repair it while underway, but after five minutes of pitching down below with diesel fumes, he decided that could wait for dock.

Andy has always feared having to dock with only one engine. I know that sounds like we are babies (oh, poor you only docking with one engine), but this beast loves to catch the wind and act as a big wind sail, and it really doesn’t maneuver with one engine, especially when you need to go slow in a marina. Anyway, today Tango graciously allowed him to face that fear. Thanks, Tango! He swung in like he’s been crippled docking for years, perfectly.

So, now we get to figure out why the pump isn’t running…but, that’s for another day.


Coming into the marina channel


Hanging out


Love that smile!



Ink blue water

Great night sail

24 May

We arrived in Freeport around 9 and were met on the docks by customs and immigration. Very nice folks…after we gave them a bit on the side for driving their personal cars here. 🙂

The sunset was amazing and we all saw the infamous green flash. Winds were a bit funky, so we ended up motor sailing so we could hit the narrow channel here at high tide.


After a rest, we’ll head out and explore a bit.