The Crew

Andy & Robin

What can we say? We are the odd, gypsy types who can’t settle down and who keep looking for adventure.

We love the way that the cruising life draws us all closer together, and helps us look at the world and ourselves. We are even learning to quietly communicate in stressful situations, something everyone around us can appreciate!


Madi & Peyton

Madi is 16 and Peyton is 12. They love being boat girls and have adapted to everything thrown their way. Their positive, collaborative natures are amazing to watch as they grow and learn from all the challenges and obstacles.

They especially love wildlife adventures and have developed quite a list of things they have seen throughout our journeys.



Abby is our three year old rescue puppy that we adopted in 2015 after our old guy, Banyan passed away. She’s a crazy, butt-tucking little fluff ball who keeps us on our toes.


This crazy rescue dog is our newest crew member. He’s a five year old mutt (we think he’s a mix of Miniature Pincher and Chihuahua). He adores the girls and loves to swim, snuggle, play fetch, and go for runs. We adopted him in Miami (Jan 2014), and are teaching him that most people are nice and it’s okay to be friendly to everyone. We hope someday soon the lesson will sink in. 🙂


She is our accidental rescue dog. We have no idea on age, and she came to use from the mean streets of LA where she hung out at an elementary school. We never intended to have three dogs on a boat, but she needed us so much, and we suddenly found her in our lives. She’s been a challenge, but after two years, we can’t see ourselves not having this funny alpha girl in our family.

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