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A small papaya

19 Nov

We found a couple who have room for one or two boats to dock on their seawall behind their house. They have a nice (and cheap) setup for boaters with a pool, free water/laundry, a grill area, and great beach access. They live solely on solar power in a carbon neutral house, which we think is very cool!

During a tour of his garden, the owner gave us one of his ripe papayas. We remarked on how huge it was, and he said, “oh, no this is a smaller one.” It made a great salad for dinner. Yum!

A small papaya

A small papaya

Best new recipe

24 Sep

We all love ciabatta bread…I mean REALLY love it. We always cheer whenever we find it available in nearby bakeries, and gobble it up as soon as we get home. Today I finally decided to bite the bullet and make some myself. I found a great new recipe (thank you o great internet) that doesn’t seem like it should work, but it does! The boaty floaty consensus? YUM!


Crispy outside, fluffy center

Best of all, it baked up quite nicely in my Omnia oven. My Omnia is great, and I miss a “real” oven less and less. Can’t wait to try it in the solar oven on our next sunny day!

Thank you, Crepes of Wrath!

Best solar snack ever!

13 Sep


Our new boaty addiction…sun roasted, salty almonds!

It’s getting hot in here

28 Aug

Today Robin’s new solar oven came in the mail (a birthday gift from her mom and mother in law). Thank you!!

We set it up on deck, and within 30 minutes it was up to 260 F! Now we have two mini pizzas heating up for lunch. Yum!


Will a watched oven bake?



It could have been crispier, but Peyton was too hungry to wait any longer

Bring on the bread and cookies!

Floating caterer anyone?

24 Jun

The liveaboards in our hurricane marina get together for Friday evening noshing. Somehow the topic of Madi’s culinary dreams came up a few weeks ago, and everyone decided to give Madi the chance to cater her first party (she even got paid!). Her menu included homemade salsa, guacamole, caprese, and a veggie tray. She spent two hours in the galley chopping, mixing and preparing.


We are happy to report that everyone thought the food tasted amazing, and they quickly gobbled it all up.


Bahamian yummies

29 May

I found the last soursop on Grand Bahama, I think. 🙂 This is one of my favorites from years ago when I hung out in the Virgin Islands.



Turned it int a fresh fruit smoothy, yum!

Our cab driver took us to a village bakery where we got this delicious coconut “tart.” The bakery is a converted house with no signage…definitely a place off the tourist path.


Some Enchanted Evening…

17 Apr

OK…maybe this evening was not “enchanted” per se, but it was damned enjoyable. We met our friends Hank and Lisa at the Coconut Grove Sailing Club’s clubhouse where Lisa shared her amazing skill at crocheting with the girls. They gave it their best effort but, in the end, I think that maybe this is something that is not their forte. Regardless, Lisa was very sweet and very patient and the girls loved the attention. (We are quite smitten with Miss Lisa).

Since it was approaching dinner time we started thinking about places to eat. We all noticed that club members were walking around with all sorts of goodies as there is a restaurant and a bar on the premises. We walked in and asked for a menu and were excited to see that tonight was “Sizzling Fajita” night! Sweet. With Pavlovian dog looks on our faces we placed our order with the nice fellow behind the bar. “Are you members of the club or any of the reciprocal sailing clubs?” the nice fellow asked. “No…we are just staying on your mooring field.” we replied. “I’m sorry but the restaurant and bar are only for members.” he retorted. (He was actually very nice with his denial of service). No sizzling fajitas for us. Sigh.

Undaunted we decided to walk into Coconut Grove and check out the restaurant scene. Long story short, we found a very nice place with some very wonderful food and we all forgot about those stupid fajitas. We had a very nice time with our friends and we spoke of opportunities to potentially meet in the Bahamas in a few months. I hope we can make that happen.


No sizzling fajitas…but we ate it all up!



Experimenting with crocheting



Hank gets to play taxi for all the Beck gear


Juice on

30 Mar

We have tied the lines for a month in north Miami’s Biscane Historic District at the Palm Bay Marina. Nice place with plenty to do within walking distance. One of our new favorite things is the juice man at the farmers market. Fresh mangos, pineapples, and sugarcane juice!


Getting gourmet

27 Mar

Madi is blossoming into quite the little chef! The challenges of a boat galley don’t phase her as she digs through cookbooks for new and tasty treats for us all. Here are the welcome-home-mommy desserts that she whipped up (with a little Peyton assist).


Blackberry cream jello in chocolate cups

Who needs an oven?

16 Jul

I love my Omnia! A great stovetop convection oven…this Swedish device bakes beautifully.

Andy grew up having “poke-o-cake” made by his mom each year for his birthday. To make “poke-o-cake,” Mom Beck would  poke many holes in the cake after baking, and pour warm jello over the top. The jello then seeps into the cracks and marbles the cake with jello-ish goodness.

This year, Peyton and Madi carry on Mom Beck family tradition boaty style.


A family tradition with a nautical twist, they buzzed around the galley making cake for dad. Happy birthday, Andy!