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Happy Wrapday!

2 Jul

Tonight is “Friday” night, with a three-day holiday weekend for Independence Day.

To celebrate, we had a make-your-own salad/summer wrap night, boaty style. Yum!




Heat at the beach

21 Mar

Andy likes spicy food. Actually, let me revise that. Andy loves crazy, spicy, off-the-scoville-scale hot. Whenever we eat out, he tries to convince the wait staff that he means it when he asks for something really hot. More often than not, they don’t believe him. I don’t blame them, as I know few people who think personal-protection-capsicum heat in the mouth is delicious. But, there we are, and now you have the background for my story.

We were at the Oregon coast and decided to enjoy some Thai food for lunch. Typical Andy asked for his dish to be prepared Thai hot. The very lovely Thai owner worridly warned Andy that he couldn’t return it if it was too spicy. Andy persisted that he meant hot, and the owner walked away half believing him.

Upon receiving his food, Andy dug in and cleaned his plate,  declaring that it wasn’t too spicy, really it tasted just about right. The husband/wife team couldn’t believe it! The cook was so imressed that she had to come out and meet this crazy, white guy. The owner told us that only a handful of people who ate at his place could handle that heat, and most of them weren’t white. He shared that he has a bunch of Chinese college students who always come down, and they can’t handle his wife’s hot dishes.

Our experience ended with a photo session for Andy and the owner. Proof of Andy’s mouth of heat. Guess his photo will hang on the wall somewhere…the wall of heat. The Thai food was decent, the owners sincere, and the experience was blog worthy!


Posing for photo


"I am so impressed you like heat!"

Pot of gold

17 Mar

Ever had Lucky Charms ice cream? The local ice cream sensation, Salt and Straw, has a Lucky Charm cereal as a flavor of the month. We have to tell you all…this flavor is DE-licious!

They sort out all the marshmallows, soak the cereal in cream overnight, turn that base into ice cream, and at the last moment add back in those magically delicious marshmallows.


Stewsday cheaters

18 Nov

One week in, and we cheated and didn’t have stew on Stewsday. Why? We went out on a family date to see Big Hero 6 at our local brew pub. They had a very yummy blackberry hard cider on tap too! Next week we will pick up our stew sampling…

Meanwhile, all is cozy on Tango as we settle in for our first chilly fall in a few years. We even had a few snowflakes fall, but nothing stuck around.

Unfortunately, the starboard engine is puffing out blue smoke. After some TLC and an oil change, we still are seeing signs of oil leaking into the combustion system, so we have decided to bow out of the Christmas Ships this year. Kindly, one of the other boats has offered to let us tag along a few nights. So, while we will still get to do some Christmas shipping, it won’t be Tango style.

Guess this means some greasy hours in our future…but with thousands of hours on the engines we knew this was coming soon.

Family proclamation

11 Nov

We have declared – Tuesdays on Tango shall henceforth be known as Stewsday.

Today’s stew?


Brazilian fish stew

How long can we go before our stews repeat?

Garden bounty

30 Aug

This morning, Robin’s uncle dropped off some of his garden excess. Amazing!! After an afternoon of sailing, we came back to dock to turn all of this into a lovely stew (well, everything but that mutant cucumber…for that it might be tabouli time).



Muffin tin cookies

9 Jul

Our muffin tin makes great chocolate chip cookies in the solar oven…even in Seattle!


Have I mentioned how much I love my solar oven? One of the best galley purchases ever! Today before the cookies we roasted pumpkin seeds from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. Mmmmmm…

A foodie moment

28 Mar

A few days back we had to try this local dessert…deep fried key lime pie. Conclusion? Yum!

Just a few calories...

Just a few calories…

Next up…

9 Dec

We plan to leave Great Harbour Cay at sunrise tomorrow and sail down the east side of the Berry Island chain to stay on Chub Cay for the night. So sad to say goodbye to Great Harbour. This is a very wonderful island, and the people are warm, friendly and caring. Provisioning today includes a new Tango must…hogfish.

On the island Herbert is the fish man, and he has promised Peyton several pounds of hogfish tonight…can’t leave without that!

Hogfish and lobster. Yes, this is Andy's portion (if you couldn't tell from the hot sauce)

Hogfish and lobster. Yes, this is Andy’s portion (if you couldn’t tell from the hot sauce)

The plan on Wednesday is to cross over the last bit of the deep Atlantic (the Northwest/Northeast Providence Channel) and head into Nassau. We are hoping to do a combo of marina/anchoring while in Nassau to offset the cost, but that is weather dependent. We love it here in the Berry islands, and aren’t super excited for be adding more time to our Nassau visit (higher crime, expensive marinas, lots of big boat traffic), but there is some squally, high wind junk coming in on Friday. We’d rather be ahead of the nastiness, than socked in…and we have a very good reason. The girl’s big Christmas present is coming up…two days in Atlantis! We’ll be staying in their marina (yes, dock fees give new meaning to expensive), but it gives us free admission to the park during our stay.

The girls are so excited, and with no family this year we don’t want to miss this treat due to nasty weather, so off we go!

Anniversary dinner

22 Nov

We went out tonight to play tourist and have an anniversary dinner (married 19 years on Nov 19th). Our host suggested Pier One at the entrance to Freeport Harbor. The girls voted down all other suggestions when they heard that they feed bull and lemon sharks.

We had a nice evening and got to see quite a few big sharks.