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Where are you from?

11 Jun

Everywhere we stop, folks want to know where we are from. Honestly, that question is getting harder to answer.

Are we from Maryland, where we left from last year? While our port of call on the boat says Maryland and we own a rental home there…we have no real ties other than dear friends.

Are we from Washington/Oregon, where all our family lives and where we are ultimately heading after our adventures are over?

Sometimes I try to explain it, but other times I try to get away with saying we are from our boat.

Funny how an easy question can end up feeling so complicated.


Boaty school

12 Nov


We are on day nine of boaty school, and studying seems to be going quite well! Madi is so focused on succeeding as a student that she tunes out all the beautiful swampland, boat locks, and wildlife to get caught up from a few short days last week. We had to pry her away from grammar to take a break and enjoy the South Mills lock lowering.

Who needs an oven?

16 Jul

I love my Omnia! A great stovetop convection oven…this Swedish device bakes beautifully.

Andy grew up having “poke-o-cake” made by his mom each year for his birthday. To make “poke-o-cake,” Mom Beck would  poke many holes in the cake after baking, and pour warm jello over the top. The jello then seeps into the cracks and marbles the cake with jello-ish goodness.

This year, Peyton and Madi carry on Mom Beck family tradition boaty style.


A family tradition with a nautical twist, they buzzed around the galley making cake for dad. Happy birthday, Andy!