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11 Oct

Quiet at dock, and not much boaty stuff going on at the moment, so another dog post…yes another dog post.

These two love each other like sisters, wrestling all day, and help each other find mischief. We left them on the boat the other night to go see a movie and came back to piles of fluff ripped out of a stuffed dog toy. They had also pulled grocery bags out and strewn them about. Silly mischievous girlies.


Getting ready

5 Sep

Tuesday marks the start of our fourth school year afloat. Madi and Peyton love school so much that they are spending a Friday night preparing notebooks and planners.


Beaching it

8 Aug

One thing the Columbia River has going for it are great sandy beaches with lots of huge driftwood and sandbars for great beach play.


Guessing contest

4 Aug

If you’ve been following our recent happenings, you know that we adopted a stray/rescue puppy back in April. Well, we are very curious about what breeds combined to make the most awesome Abby, so we just sent in DNA sample to find out.

We thought it would be great fun to have a contest to see who can guess her breed(s) correctly. Closest mutt mix wins a cool Madi-Peyton crafted prize!

So, what kind of dog are you Miss Abby?


Friday new crew kayak

29 May

The girls decided to introduce Abby to kayaking, but Max wouldn’t let them leave him behind. He kept leaping off the sugarscoop to join the kayak fun.


Boaty Mother’s Day

10 May

My sweet, sweet girls made me feel very special with homemade cards and flowers.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms in my life!


More on our newest crew

9 May

Abby seems to be adjusting to boat life quite well, although every now and then she tries to jump to the dock. Little thing thinks she’s a big dog…and we have to remind her that the dark chasm between her and the dock is water. So far no dog-overboarding, but I’m sure it will happen one of these days. Only two times for Max before he decided to respect the water.


The hammock is always a favorite


Beaches are made for digging up


Abby loves popcorn!

May the Fourth be with you

4 May


Abby nibbles on Chewbacca while stoic Max and Vader hang out.

Second year of boaty school complete

7 Nov

Congratulations to Madi and Peyton on completing another year of school afloat!



Put one foot in front of the other

6 Oct

And soon you’ll be running the Portland Marathon!

To commemorate our return to the Pacific NW, Andy ran the Portland Marathon on Sunday.

Congratulations, Andy!


Girl support at mile 17.5




Icing the legs boaty style