Heat at the beach

21 Mar

Andy likes spicy food. Actually, let me revise that. Andy loves crazy, spicy, off-the-scoville-scale hot. Whenever we eat out, he tries to convince the wait staff that he means it when he asks for something really hot. More often than not, they don’t believe him. I don’t blame them, as I know few people who think personal-protection-capsicum heat in the mouth is delicious. But, there we are, and now you have the background for my story.

We were at the Oregon coast and decided to enjoy some Thai food for lunch. Typical Andy asked for his dish to be prepared Thai hot. The very lovely Thai owner worridly warned Andy that he couldn’t return it if it was too spicy. Andy persisted that he meant hot, and the owner walked away half believing him.

Upon receiving his food, Andy dug in and cleaned his plate,  declaring that it wasn’t too spicy, really it tasted just about right. The husband/wife team couldn’t believe it! The cook was so imressed that she had to come out and meet this crazy, white guy. The owner told us that only a handful of people who ate at his place could handle that heat, and most of them weren’t white. He shared that he has a bunch of Chinese college students who always come down, and they can’t handle his wife’s hot dishes.

Our experience ended with a photo session for Andy and the owner. Proof of Andy’s mouth of heat. Guess his photo will hang on the wall somewhere…the wall of heat. The Thai food was decent, the owners sincere, and the experience was blog worthy!


Posing for photo


"I am so impressed you like heat!"

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