A smelting we will go

1 Mar

Okay, not really. People go on about how good they are to eat, but they are so tiny that you need so many before you can really do anything with them. Hence, you need smelt dipping nets (no poles for this). Plus, I have a thing about eating a whole fish – scales, bones and all. I’ll leave them for the rest of you.

But, it is that time of year. The water in our marina and along the shoreline were thick with these little silver guys. Never heard of smelt? These guys are tiny fish come up river to spawn and then die. In this process, they swim along the surface and are very visible to lots of predators. We even saw some sea lions, who don’t usually come this far up river.


Geese doing some smelting of their own





Shoreline all silvery from dead smelt


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