Tied up with string (not a favorite thing)

31 Jan

We decided to move Tango to a different marina with better docks. Ha! Sounds funny to say that…since until recently we never stayed anywhere for more than a few months at best. Now the we are settled in Portland, dock quality matters more. Our old marina has wooden docks with nails popping up everywhere and in the summer the docks tilt sideways (in serious need of dredging). We put up with that all last year, even losing shoe soles to popping nails. In December we decided to move off the end tie to a more protected slip. The end tie was great in a lot of ways, except for the debris that would occasionally slam into our hulls. Debris like logs, big logs, often with a diameter over two feet. Once we even saw a dock glide by just feet away. These things are concerning when your hulls are fiberglass. Andy’s makeshift boom helped, but things did sometimes come down partly submerged…and then BAM!

The more protected slip was okay, but overall the infrastructure issues started adding up. One of the final issues was the string that the harbormaster used to tie our 30 amp shore power lines to the outlets on the dock. He did this because they don’t lock in (if you don’t know much about marine power – the power cords twist and lock to protect them from pulling out and causing all kinds of issues). They don’t lock in because they are very old…and the marina isn’t required to upgrade. Something about being grandfathered into a code exception? That and the plugs were only a few inches above the water line… To be fair, we did have a better power situation at our other slip, it just came with logging trees.


River barge

Anyway, we made the move. A lovely day in January, and even a few other sailboats out practicing maneuvers. Only issue of the day was discovering one of our 50-foot 30 amp plugs decided to up and die. Good thing we unplugged to check! We had unplugged it (as our second system it’s not necessary) to use as an extension cord. Went to the boat bucks store to buy a replacement. Thought about getting a short one, but the 12-foot was only $10 cheaper than the 50-foot. Weird!


Bad, bad plug! Kind of looks like a smiling face…mocking us…


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