Some life, lady

17 Sep

(from Robin’s brain)

Yesterday evening I was loafing in the cockpit enjoying the last bits of sun while salving my worn emotions (the last few weeks have been yucky at work…especially the last few days). So there I sat decompressing while reading and eating an apple. A power boat slowly burbled past, with two dudes just leaving the Island Cafe dock. As they passed by Tango one of them yelled out, “That’s some life, lady!” At first I thought it must be because I was lounging on a boat, but wait, they were on a boat too. Was it the apple? The book? The pile of cushions against which I reclined in Cleopatra-style?

He cracked me up, and I had to tell the story to everyone onboard. But, silliness aside, his words lingered in my brain and I fell asleep thinking about them.

I DO have “some life”…we all do. Our lives are tapestries of peace and beauty and laughter and friendship and hugs and good food and music and stories and love. I didn’t forget the bad bits – I just chose to wrap the good bits around me – my version of a super hero cape. Protection, defense, and contentment (harkening back to my childhood when I used my favorite blankets to be a super hero).

How’s that for profound out of a silly comment? J

One Response to “Some life, lady”

  1. haanli September 18, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    Robin, you are a very special lady…

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