Sailing rewind

27 Jul

Now that all our birthday mischief is managed, it’s time to wind our way back north for the upcoming left turn south down the coast. We are currently thinking very early Wednesday for departure…but reserve final decision for closer weather models.

Saturday we sailed for nine hours (against tide currents and with winds just a knife’s edge off our nose) up to Port Townsend. The kind of sailing where a single degree can change knots of speed into major luffing. Sorta fun (trying to beat the wind at its own game), but frustrating too when facing three knots of current…we just wanted that wind! We got in too late to enjoy the cute and quirky downtown, but did sample the bounty of Safeway.


Beautiful skies, but a bit chilly


Sunday we left Port Townsend for Port Angeles with fair seas and beautiful skies…about eight hours but uneventful and peaceful. Not much wind until later in the day, when it didn’t help us out much. We saw cool flocks of puffins everywhere, but they all dove bloop, bloop, bloop when we got too close.


Port Townsend and Olympic Range


Creature spotting


Dinner cooking underway, pork roast and spaghetti squash

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