Public Market

14 Jul

Growing up in the NW, Andy and I have been to the Pike Street Public Market many times…only it seems to be a lot more famous than it used to be. Either that, or our crowd memories have really faded. We had fun shop roaming together and visiting our favorite food haunts,  but MAN was it crowded! Especially up top where they throw fish. There were a few spots where I felt like we were down on Bourbon Street in NOLA on a holiday weekend night.

After a few hours, we all started to get that thin, get-me-outa-here smile and called it a successful day. Our cool finds included goose and quail eggs. We drilled holes in the ends of the eggs and blew out the innards for art. Peyton saved all her innards in separate containers and fried them up to taste. Being the daughter of foodies, she wants to know what everything tastes like. She closely examined the first forkful, sniffed it, and then delicately nibbled it to extract its essence on her taste buds. Conclusions? Quail eggs taste saltier and creamier than chicken eggs. Goose eggs taste like chicken eggs, but they are too big for one meal.


Andy playing with color and composition

This pig has raised over $200,000 for homelessness. Go pig!

This pig has raised over $200,000 for homelessness. Go pig!


Sunday night sunset…absolutely gorgeous!


This rainbow was a bookend to the sunset…needed an outdoor panoramic camera to capture it all


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