Saturday sail to Port Hadlock

23 Jun

Saturday we left Sequim and sailed a whopping 20ish miles to the marina in Port Hadlock. This town is much smaller than Sequim, but it feels bigger since we can all walk to the grocery store and back again (the John Wayne marina is about three miles one way to grocery…doable but not much fun loaded up on the way back). The marina in Port Hadlock also had room for us through July 4th weekend, which is the primary reason to move, so off we shoved!

We sailed in light winds up Sequim Bay and around Protection Island and into Port Townsend Bay. Was nice to finally air out the mainsail and test the newly repaired stackpack (one jack line pulley tie died – but that was an easy and quick repair). So nice to have all those seams back in place!

The cliffs around Protection Island are pretty cool…and did you know tufted puffins live on Protection Island? We tried to get close and peered through the binoculars, but didn’t see any. We may have seen a few from a distance. Whatever those little sea birds were…they had orange puffiny feet…but we didn’t see the telltale beak…so we can’t say for sure. We did see about ten seals though. We love the way they pop their heads up to track the boat for a few minutes before they disappear and swim off.

We did have a bit of boat drama coming in…the slip where the harbormaster had intended to put us was occupied by a trawler who crunched a hole in his hull coming into the marina on Friday from a metal bit sticking out of the side of the finger dock in that slip. Guess the wind grabbed him and slammed his poor trawler into it the day before we arrived. Eesh! Probably a good thing (only for us though) that he is stuck in that slip waiting for the fiberglass guy to repair him, since it saved us from having to navigate that odd metal protuberance. Almost looks like a motor mount at the water line. Whatever it is, this new marina owner is planning on having it removed…probably a good idea!

Here we stay for a bit…a peaceful marina with bay front, picnic benches, grills, and Skunk Island…the girls say bring on the play.


Skunk Island


Finding sand dollars


Mount Baker…so cool to sail with mountainy peaks


Protection Island


Marina at Port Hadlock



One Response to “Saturday sail to Port Hadlock”

  1. haanli June 24, 2014 at 11:32 pm #

    Looks beautiful up there…

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