Back together

14 Jun

We have spent the past few days crawling through systems and holds, checking engines, and getting the exterior detailed and waxed. We pulled things back out and reinstalled them on deck (things like our life ring, ditch bag, man overboard marker…you know…important for safe sailing kinds of things).

We also got our stack pack repaired (yahoo!) by a local canvas guy, so it didn’t have to back up in tatters. So nice to not look all holey and thready anymore. Our stack pack has jack lines that run up the mast to help our mainsail fall nicely, so Andy even got to spend some time hanging in the wind…his favorite chore. At least this time he kept his hands intact and didn’t bleed all over Robin and the deck!

Saturday evening finds us all ready to sail and grocery reprovisioned, thanks to a nice local cruiser and her minivan.

Sunday we take our maiden Pacific  Northwest voyage on Tango across the Strait back to the States. The weather shouldn’t be bad, but it is supposed to be rainy and windy. Welcome to Washington,  eh?!


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