Not borrowing from tomorrow

8 Jun

While Andy and Robin quietly worry about the gale force winds and rough seas plaguing the AAL Dalian delaying arrival until Monday or Tuesday, we continue to hope the crew lashed Tango down well, and that we removed enough and stowed everything tightly. Tough to see the AAL Dalian traveling less than one knot and sometimes turning in circles, knowing they were in 40-50 knot gale force winds and accompanying high and rough seas, but there isn’t much we can do at this point.

Although as of tonight it appears they are pulling free and increasing speed to about eight knots. We even got a tentative discharge schedule for Tuesday. We also secured the loft apartment until the 12th, one less detail! Nice to know where we will sleep tomorrow night.

Sticking to our decision to enjoy the weekend (something along the lines of not borrowing from tomorrow’s trouble), we explored downtown and even got in some shopping at Value Village (warm clothes for cold people who didn’t pack well or who grew many inches after we left Maryland) and Capital Iron (a very cool everything in the world store).


Friday night dinner with fellow cruisers, Phil and Deb, at Lido. This very nice couple have offered lots of help and advice…including the admonition to visit Capital Iron. 🙂


Madi the leftenant at BC’s gorgeous Parliament buildings


Petting the goats at Beacon Hill’s Childrens Farm


Pondering pigs at Beacon Hill’s Childrens Farm


Beautiful totem near the BC Museum


We splurged for tea at the Empress (okay so this was really on Thursday, but it didn’t make an earlier post)


The girls are in tiny dessert heaven


Panorama sitting on the steps at the Legislative Assembly Parliamentary buildings


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