Monkey wrench in our cargo works

4 Jun

Robin had no sooner helped her mom get settled at the launch for the ferry back to Port Angeles and ran a lovely run through downtown Victoria, past the Empress Hotel and back to the apartment than we got some exciting news. The AAL Dalian changed the final unloading port in Canada. Wait, what? CHANGED PORT? Yes indeedy…our arrival port has really been changed. Something about cruise ships delayed into Victoria due to weather, and an impending tug boat strike. Guess if they stayed on course for Victoria Harbour, it would be mid-week next week before we could start unloading.

As you can imagine, this news really changed the flavor of our day. Remember that comment in my last post about adventure and attitude? Well, that concept got put into action with this latest experience!

Our new port is a small town called Chemainus, with only two marinas. Everyone I talked to in town had heard from a few boat owners before me, and were instantly sympathetic to my last minute pleas. We successfully found a spot in the local municipal marina where we can limp in to reassemble Tango. Then, instead of staying in Victoria for a few weeks to enjoy the sights, we’ll head south a bit to Sidney, which is a much bigger town and has quite a few marinas and where everyone goes around here to get marine work done. We’ll stay there for a bit and fix a few (hopefully ONLY a few) things before we continue on into the San Juan Islands.


We ended the day with a lovely walk around downtown

The last piece that we haven’t quite figured out is how to get all our stuff and dogs up to Chemainus. Robin’s mom very kindly offered to turn around on the ferry and come back up here, but we know how much of a work sacrifice she already made (thank you again, mom!), and don’t want to pile more days and hundreds of miles on her. Robin has a backup limo service that can take us, but we are still looking for a cheaper option, or other boat owners who want to split the cost. We also might be able to finagle a rental thingie…so stay tuned!

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