Quest for the key

3 Jun

Today is ferry day, since Victoria (where the AAL Dalian is headed) is on Vancouver Island. The nearest and quickest ferry for us was out of Port Angeles. Robin’s mom very sweetly offered to go up with us, and drive the adventure van back on Wednesday. We love you mom!

A beautiful journey day, we made great time and got to the ferry before the 5:30pm loading. About an hour later we landed in beautiful Victoria, last road leg, whoohoo! Robin had rented a modern downtown loft apartment above Victoria’s public market with lots of cool features like heated bathroom floor and deep soaking tub (oooooh). Only problem was the owner had to go to the airport before we landed and left the keys in another part of town. The text communications got a bit garbled, and we ended up walking around for a few miles until 8pm just to get the keys. The building we’re in closes many sections (like the underground public parking where we left the van) after 8pm, so when we got back we were locked out of our van and had a heck of a time getting back in. Almost felt like a really unfunny Laurel and Hardy episode running up and down parking garage stairways looking for an unlocked door. Meanwhile, poor Banyan was in the van howling – he was D O N E.

Not quite how we’d planned to spend our only night in Victoria with Robin’s mom! After we got ourselves settled, refueled on Vietnamese food, and took a deep breath it was all funny. The difference between an ordeal and an adventure? Attitude. Cold (54 degrees…brrr!), tired (Robin is still working east coast-ish hours), hungry (lunch really was a long way back), and locked out it was hard to find the good attitude.

Now that we are back on track, this building is a really cool refit of an old retail store from the 1920s. Our floor used to sell toys, housewares, and draperies. We look forward to the next few days and more Victoria exploring!


Leaving Port Angeles


Peyton getting in her last Grandma snuggles for a few months


One Response to “Quest for the key”

  1. Michelle Hows June 4, 2014 at 8:08 pm #

    I love that ferry ride! Haven’t been up there for a few years, but seeing the pics brings back the memories, smells, and breezes! Have fun!

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