Family pit stop, #? (we have lost count)

29 May

We made it to Portland, Oregon! Well, really we made it as far as Washougal, Washington. Washougal is a small town is just outside Portland, where Andy grew up. Whew…two weeks and 3800 miles later. The other day Robin tried to tell someone she was in Missoula, Missouri…we are done with the road for a while.

Now we can take a break for a nice long weekend and visit with everyone before we hike the last leg up to Victoria. The AAL Dalian left La Paz on schedule, and its last port (Ensenada) before Victoria looks to be on track for June 5th. So glad that Hurricane Amanda didn’t impact our boat. Just when we thought we had left hurricane season behind…

Meanwhile, back on land, Madi and Peyton are making lots of crazy cousin plans and looking forward to the next few days. After that, Victoria! Have to say, we are looking forward to seeing Tango again. It will be so nice to be back in our home…and in our own beds.


View at Mom Beck’s house on the Washougal River…our resting place for a long weekend

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