The weekend push

27 May

Starting to feel the sands of time slipping away as the AAL Dalian relentlessly stayed on schedule, we needed to stop playing so much and put in some serious weekend miles. We pushed ourselves from Saint Louis to Billings, Montana (about 1300 miles…which is big for us with dogs and children). We had hoped to hit Butte by Monday night, but around 7:00 PM in Billings we cried uncle. Good thing too, as a severe thunderstorm with 70+ mile winds, hail, and tons of lightning swept through. That wouldn’t have been fun on the dark Montana roads!

We managed to pack in a few quick stops, like Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota. After seeing billboards for hundreds of miles we felt compelled to stop for a quick dinner and see what the fuss was all about. We also drove up to say hi to Mr. Jefferson and his pals at Mount Rushmore. Madi and Peyton discovered that he wrote one of the first ice cream recipes.


Max keeping an eye out for antelope and prairie dogs


The backyard buffalo at Wall Drug


Proof that we were there…


Cool panoramic in Billings of the big storm heading towards us


Only weekend drama was the full hot chocolate that Peyton spilled into her very special stuffed animal and toy bag. We call it the Great Chocolate Massacre. The wounded rest on the dash as they dry.

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