Pit stop #6: Saint Louis

24 May

Andy’s longtime friend and his wife live in Saint Louis, so we had to make a pit stop here and have some nice dinners hanging out and solving world issues. Plus the City Museum and the Saint Louis Arch…need we say more?

If you don’t know about the City Museum, you should google it. Pretty cool climbing and exploring place created out of recycled and found objects. Not for the faint of heart…they sell knee pads in the gift shop. Andy and his friend, Roy, joined the girls to bump, bang, and bruise their way through this cool place.

We tried to go up in the Arch, but tickets were sold out and summer hours don’t start for a few more days. We did get to touch it though (oooh…we touched the arch), and visited the Jefferson Expansion Museum.

All in all, it was a great last long stop. Time now to put in some weekend miles to get closer to Portland, Oregon where our families are waiting to see us…then up to Victoria.  Tango is on track for delivery on June 5th. Yah! Home and our own beds!






Peyton's City Museum souvenir



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