Pit stop #5: Nashville

21 May

Today we said goodbye to Nashville and the girl’s wonderful cousin Tamara. She’s getting ready to say goodbye to Nashville too, as she wraps up her PHD at Vanderbilt and heads to Pennsylvania to start her new professor job. Congratulations on turning in your dissertation, Tamara! Madi and Peyton absolutely adore their cousin, and we threw up a cheer that the timing of this visit worked out.

Madi took full advantage of having a kitchen (and a big one at that), and made a delectable pot of vichyssoise for dinner. Madi, you can make that for us any time! Unfortunately, Tamara’s blender cracked and died, unable to handle the vichyssoise. Rest in peace, dear blender, it was a good death. All that soup needed was some warm ciabatta bread fresh out of the solar oven… Yes, we are getting tired of road food, can you tell?

We also managed to catch the AAL Dalian in the Panama Canal’s Gatun Lock yesterday on a live cam, very cool! The girls thought it was weird that they were watching their shell collections and stuffed animals motor along on a freighter on the internet. Taking a pause to contemplate that — technology is pretty awesome.

Dalian in Gatun Locks

Tango is on the starboard side in front of the bridge




Nashville’s other favorite…Gigi’s cupcakes!


We also fit in a visit to the Parthenon, which is a cool connection to Peyton’s mythology in school…just in an odd location!


Athena and the girls

2 Responses to “Pit stop #5: Nashville”

  1. Dale, Patty and Oliver May 21, 2014 at 9:04 pm #

    Sorry we missed you in Florida. We are packing up to head home in a few weeks too. Boat stays in Florida! Oliver, as well and Dale and I send our love!

    • four2tango May 22, 2014 at 9:26 am #

      Sorry we missed you too! T’was a whirlwind getting ready! Have a lovely trip back up north!

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