Roadtrip pit stop #2: Tifton

15 May

We stopped in Tifton, GA for the night. We are still getting our car legs, so smaller hops are nice right now. Not only car legs, but shore bed legs too. In our first hotel, Andy fell out of bed twice, Peyton once, and Madi tucked her covers in tight because she was worried about that too. No one documented Robin, so we will assume that she’s more adaptable and not the queen of clutz that you all know and love (ha!).

It was cold when we got out of the car tonight in Tifton at only 64 degrees! We immediately came into our room and turned on the heat. No joke.

Watching AIS, the AAL Dalian and Tango left dock today and are currently somewhere near the Keys.


Goodbye Florida

2 Responses to “Roadtrip pit stop #2: Tifton”

  1. Michelle Hows May 20, 2014 at 4:55 pm #

    Our son is based in St. Marys, GA … wave to him for me!

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