Roadtrip pit stop #1: Orlando

14 May

For our first pit stop, we picked Disney World (Epcot and the Magic Kingdom). We tossed the idea around for several months, the girls excitedly hoping it would work out. Everything fell into place, and we were able to give it the ol’ two-park shuffle. (they got to pick which two parks) We took them to Disneyland when Madi was four and Peyton was six months old (the height of Madi’s princess craze). Needless to say, they really don’t remember much at all.

Andy and I reminisced about how much the Disney experience has changed from when we were kids driving south down the Pacific coastline to Disneyland. Tickets are so much more expensive, there is so much more merchandise, and everything is so charactered up (example: they are turning Epcot’s Norway into a “Frozen” themed thing). With all of that, the Main Street Electrical Parade is still the same, and gave Andy warm and fuzzies.

We all had a great time, closing down both Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Our favorite part? The last few hours when everyone was heading out or away from the rides to watch the fireworks. We dashed about crowd free and ran right onto rides and had cast members ask if we wanted to stay and ride again. Our other favorite part? Madi and Peyton spontaneously and repeatedly thanking the cast members. We are prejudiced we know, but we have wonderful girls. 🙂




Epcot’s France and the girls new favorite soup, vichyssoise, that Madi wants to make as soon as she has a kitchen

As for Tango, the AAL Dalian still sits in Palm Beach at dock (there be much loading, har). We did see a bit of Tango’s mast loaded aboard from a bridge overlooking the port. Good thing we left that lightening bottle brush diverter thingie up there so we could mast identify. Nice to know it really did get loaded! Actually, when we left, Tango was the only sailboat yet loaded. First on, last off. How many others are crazy enough to go from warm, clear water sailing up to the colder Pacific NW waters?

One Response to “Roadtrip pit stop #1: Orlando”

  1. Audrey Peterman May 15, 2014 at 9:19 am #

    Love it! Keep it coming!

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