Our new land anchor

7 May

We have said this before, but we loved saying goodbye to our cars when we started full-time cruising. Between walking, biking or scootering, mass transit, and cabs we have not missed owning, maintaining, driving, or being responsible for a car. We have also enjoyed lowering our consumption of fossil fuels and being more mindful of our consumerism.

But, with the temporary loss of Tango, we need a way to do the 3,500 mile hop from here to there. We had planned on renting an RV or a minivan to shlep all our gear, dogs, and selves from Palm Beach to Victoria. A plan that sounded great until we saw the one-way fees that everyone charges. For some reason those fees get higher around Memorial Day heading into summertime (and they weren’t trivial to begin with). Go figure.

While car ownership is no longer our favorite thing, we do want to be smart and not throw our money at a rental company, if for nearly the same price we can purchase a vehicle that we can later resell. Better idea, right? We thought so too. So, say hello to our cross country transportation.

We bought an 2004 Dodge Caravan whose issues seem mostly cosmetic (things like peeling paint, radio button and vanity mirror missing, no floor mats, and broken dash). While we need the shlepping room a mini van delivers, we are not really mini van folk. We felt a need to decorate…and with the factory paint already old and messed up we can only make it better! We’ll see how long our decor survives on the road trip…it’s our version of a geotagging game.


The van


Our hula bobble plays us down the road…we haven’t agreed on a name yet


For the girls – owls, Fin, and the Beatles


It IS time for an Adventure!

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