Some work and play

5 May

This weekend we began prepping Tango for her voyage by cleaning out storage holds in our forwards (stuff like tracking down suitcases buried under mounds of gear), tearing down the dinghy, washing the cockpit and cushions, and other tasks on the list. The more important items, like taking down the sails and canvas, will have to wait until the last moments because we can’t figure out where to stash them. Last minute flurry…

All was going well until a big rain storm moved in and stopped our scrubbing activities…but then no need for a fresh water rinse! Guess we shouldn’t put in too much effort on this side either, since the real work will be to scrub off all the travel grime in Victoria. We packed it in for the day and decided to visit the nearby mall. Those places are a bit overwhelming!

With some boaty mischief managed, Peyton whipped up some solar german chocolate cake. Her friend Lilly aboard Whistling Cay had made some german chocolate cake back in Warderick Wells, a new cake flavor for Peyton, and she had been dying ever since to make some of her own. Very yummy post scrubbing snack, thank you Peyton!



We also discovered a beachy park about a mile away on Lake Worth, so we spent Sunday afternoon enjoying Florida a bit more before we say goodbye for good.


Speeding boat wakes make for good wakeboarding too



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