What’s next for Tango?

2 May

When we set out on this adventure a few years ago, we thought we would have hit Grenada last summer, and passed through the Panama Canal right about now – preparing to decide if we wanted to bash or head towards Hawaii (google the Baja Bash…we own a book subitled “the essential survival guide for boats, spirits, and marriages returning up Baja”). I love it!

We have learned one important thing with full time cruising…plans are written in soap bubbles easily washed away. Some bubbles washed away as we got smarter and better understood our limitations (stamina, lack of speed, teleworking and such). Others were swept away by weather and other unforeseen circumstances (illnesses, breakdowns, a need for that important part). We also purposefully hosed down other bubble plans as we found better/different places to sail by talking to people we met, stuff we read up on, and kid boats we found (much rarer that we had hoped…sad to say). Even so, I wouldn’t change how we’ve managed this adventure so far – it’s been a great experience for us all – and given us many wonderful life lessons. Cruising and adjusting to life has made this family more patient, appreciative, and adaptive.

All along we had planned to use Tango as a way to get back to the Pacific NW, back to our home roots and family. We have accepted that sailing there together won’t work (and splitting up to manage work and taking on crew to get the boat there sort of defeats the point of all this…something under consideration for a long time), so we are going to let an ocean shipping company ship Tango for us.

In a few weeks (May 12th is the current date when the AAL Dalian arrives in West Palm Beach) Tango will get crane lifted onto the Dalian, strapped down in a custom cradle, and shipped by Sevenstar Yacht Transport up to Victoria, British Columbia. Tango’s trip should take about a month, depending on loading/offloading in the three other ports of call and as always, depending on weather. Here is a video Sevenstar sent us earlier in the year that shows the process, if you are curious about how it works.

We will motor up to the Dalian and say goodbye to our home for a month (gulp!). On the other side, we’ll meet Tango in the Port of Victoria (with many sighs of relief and joy).


From that point (mid-June) we’ll have the summer to bop around in the Puget Sound before we make the last big hop off the Pacific coast down to the mouth of the Columbia River (graveyard of the Pacific). The soap bubble plan (see how we worked that in?) is to be settled in our new home marina in Portland, Oregon before cooler weather sets in (and the less favorable sailing conditions that come with it). Yikes…cooler weather…winter…ice and snow? Right now anything under 70 degrees makes us shiver…boy are we in for it! Good thing we’ll have a “summer” to acclimate (yes we are poking fun at everyone in the NW…but after all this Florida/Bahamanian heat and humidity summer in the NW needs quotes around it).

Family! Friends! New adventures sailing up north! No more hurricanes! A return to our sailing roots in the Columbia River! We are nervous, excited, and worrying over every little detail. Lots more to come…

One Response to “What’s next for Tango?”

  1. Bruce and Gayleen May 2, 2014 at 7:48 pm #

    What a great plan. Have a save journey (the family, dogs and Tango). Enjoy the summer in the Northwest. It has to be cooler there than in Vero!

    Bruce and Gayleen s/v Pearl

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