Moving on up

29 Apr

Yesterday was our last ten hour sail up the Atlantic from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach/Lake Worth. We left pre-dawn, since all the bridges on the New River are closed to boaters during rush hour. As Robin slipped on her shoes (left in the cockpit where they ALWAYS are), she felt a wiggling on her left toes. Bending down to investigate, a 2-inch cockroach fled out a side hole. Sorry to everyone in the marina who was cruelly awoken too early by my loud shriek. We have had a few of these big boys in the cockpit before, and it validates the time and effort we spent in covering all our hatches with screens. Okay, one last quick mental shudder at the memory of that crawling feeling.

Max also decided the dark provided a good cover to sneak off the boat, in a moment when we thought he was still sleeping with the girls. He made one last attempt to catch those cute ducklings. Robin wasn’t fast enough to snag him, and only one thing saved those babies…Max doesn’t like to swim. He loves being in the water, but only as far as he can wade around. Sorry momma duck, and so glad Max is a water wimp. Not sure what would have happened had the ducklings not hopped in the water so fast, but so glad we don’t have another feathery death.

The New River was peaceful and quiet, and we were the only folks on the water until we neared the channel to the Atlantic. As we rounded the corner to the inlet, we saw this cruise ship coming in. The small vessel just off our bow was the sheriff shepherding them in. We decided to give them the right of way.


Our autopilot, Steve decided today was a good day to be glitchy, so we had to go old school today and keep our hands on the wheel.


Madi was finally ready to take a full watch today, although with left eye bothering her, it looks like she’s driving blind

Today was the day for failures I guess, since we also lost our Raymarine paddle wheel sensor which feeds many of our instruments. It’s been acting up for a while, but we had hoped to make it last to the next haul out. Guess not. Will be a fun replacement, since it will require unplugging a through-hole while in the water. We’ll save that joy for another day though…

One Response to “Moving on up”

  1. Audrey Peterman April 29, 2014 at 10:34 am #

    I love it! I love your family! You inspire me!! sorry about the cockroach/palmetto bug, a Florida staple!

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