Palm Warbler: a cautionary tale

23 Apr

Quietly sailing along on a sunny day, Tango headed north on the Atlantic towards Fort Lauderdale when a small warbler landed on the port stern stanchion. All the boaty crew oohed and aahed. Robin grabbed a camera.


How cute…a stowaway!

Mr./Ms. Warbler seemed pretty exhausted. The evidence? It it quietly sat through a girl cooing session, a Max stare down, and a photo shoot. After several minutes, Mr./Ms. Warbler decided that it had had enough and needed to fly off.


Max is prepping…if only we had known

Snap! Max jumped up like that warbler was a tennis ball and snatched it right out of the air! He really didn’t mean to catch a bird, and immediately dropped the poor stowaway and began gacking on a few feathers. Guess that wasn’t what he thought he was getting. Too late for poor birdie, though.


The girls laid it on a soft bed in a box where it panted for a while

Madi and Peyton lovingly hovered and watched over Mr./Ms. Warbler. Peyton got online and figured out what kind of a bird it was, and that it was probably migrating north from an everglade. After about an hour we all realized it chest wasn’t rising or falling and its eyes weren’t blinking. Hoping it was only stunned, we kept a close eye on it until we got to dock downtown on the New River. Sadly, no miracle reanimation.


Rest in peace poor Palm Warbler…how briefly we knew you

Beware, all small and feathery stowaways who resemble tennis balls.

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