Weather plans

21 Apr

Originally we had planned to sail up to Fort Lauderdale over the weekend to stay downtown on the New River for a week or so. On Friday we changed our minds, and decided to wait a few extra days, as the weather was going to be a bit unsettled. Not crazy bad weather…but since we aren’t in a hurry why not wait for fair sailing conditions? Peyton grinned and said that she’d wished something would happen so we would stay here longer.

Glad we did, because this is what woke us up early on Saturday morning! Great time to be sitting under a 55 foot metal pole, right? Yes, it is spring time in Florida.


The red means heavy thunderstorm activity, tornado warnings, etc.

Remember that trimaran I mentioned a few days ago? Just when the storm died down we were all jolted by a bump as it ran into our starboard hull. No damage to either boat, thankfully, but we and a fellow cruiser boat stayed out in our cockpits keeping our eyes on that skittish vessel for a while. It didn’t come back for a second round, and the winds settled out after dawn.


With no weighty keel, this trimaran slips all over the place

Later when we got to shore we saw a sailboat being brought to dock by Seatow. Turns out that the storm had broken it off the mooring, and grounded it on the small barrier island between us and Biscane Bay. Poor boat still sits at dock with its mooring bridle and chain hanging off the bow. Would not want to be the mooring staff making that call to the absent owner!

Easter was a beautiful and clear day, and we enjoyed the lovely weather with a Thai food brunch and some bubbles off the sugar scoops. Clearly it’s a hardship on all of us to hang out in Coconut Grove a few extra days.


2 Responses to “Weather plans”

  1. Lisa April 22, 2014 at 7:10 am #

    So glad no damage was done to Tango in your bump! Sure miss being in Coconut Grove Sailing Club with you guys! Are you sure you want to go all the way to the west coast this year??? We are hoping to be back in the Bahamas next winter if all goes well. Miss you all!

    • four2tango April 22, 2014 at 4:00 pm #

      We miss cruising with you too! We need to make our next vacation plan!

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