16 Apr

We sailed into Miami yesterday afternoon after a glorious night sail. Even thought we enjoy those longer night hops and the beauty of the ocean after sunset, we all needed a good night sleep!

We plan to stay here in a suburb of Miami, Coconut Grove, on a mooring ball at the sailing club for a week or so. I think we got the last available mooring, and man are we all packed in here! Last night we commiserated with that trimaran’s owner about what to do if the winds shift to a more northerly component so we don’t bump into each other. So far so good…that’s what fenders and dinghies are for, right?


This trimaran doesn’t have any keel ballast, so she tends to skip around on the water with the light winds. Watch out, Tango!

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory last night. The girls have been dying to eat here for ages after visiting another in the chain with their auntie last year. Thoughts of comfort food appealed to all of us…and somehow Peyton got loaded up on her favorite (whip cream).


Yes, that is a plate of whip cream…and no she couldn’t eat even half of it

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