Is it bad to admit we are dock rats?

11 Apr

Don’t get me wrong…we love sailing for days and slipping into new harbors feeling a sense of accomplishment and excitement that a new shore brings. We really love swinging around at anchor or on a mooring in rhythm with the breeze and waves, where the water around us becomes our bath/pool/aquarium/playground. We also love putzing from boat to shore in our dinghy (especially when the stupid outboard runs…it’s gotten so bad that the girls cheer every time it starts) or by kayak (good exercise, peaceful, and no engine!).

But, we also love the things that come with dock life. Where things like stepping onto the ground don’t have to be planned and coordinated. Where going for a quick morning run doesn’t mean you took the only “car”. Where stashing the groceries/electronics/bags of stuff aren’t an exercise in how to stay dry (our dinghy has splash) and still leave room for bodies. Finally, for the most guilty pleasure of all (especially in humidity)…where we have Shore Power! We are proud to live off solar and often do while at dock so we can turn off the shore power, but sometimes it is Oh So Nice to have air conditioning (doesn’t work on our solar setup as it draws too many amps) when we are sleeping (goodbye humidity and stickiness).

Norfolk, Virginia

Many cruisers deride those tied up dockside…hence the term dock rat. On one of our many walks we were chatting about all the lovely features in the marina and Madi declared, “I like being a dock rat!” Peyton quickly agreed. So there…we love boat life and all that it encompasses…but we enjoy the dock. It really is good to keep the crew happy. Label us dock rats!

2 Responses to “Is it bad to admit we are dock rats?”

  1. haanli April 12, 2014 at 9:16 pm #

    You start out as dock rats. Then Tango becomes a pier queen. It’s a slippery slope. We know from firsthand experience…

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