Running dog

9 Apr

Max loves to run…he really loves to run. He’s getting a reputation in this marina, and we’ve only been here a month. He almost folds himself into a taco shape at the “starting line” for the sheer joy of the takeoff. If we stop mid-run to offer him water, he’ll start whining as if to say, “come on, no stopping now!” We started taking him on small one-mile long runs just to manage his nervous stranger energy. Now whenever we start pulling out our running gear he starts yelling, making sure we know that he’s excited and definitely wants to join.

As of this post he’s running about 15 miles a week (in Florida heat and humidity we might add), at a minimum of three miles per run. Actually, we should say he’s trotting that distance…he’s so fast that neither Robin or Andy can maintain the sub-seven minute mile pace he’d prefer. But hey, he’s a good running buddy and always stays out in front, encouraging us to try and keep up.

Crazy running boy

Crazy running boy

Running on Old Seven

Running Old Seven

Now we just need to start looking for some dog friendly distance runs, because Max would have tons of fun training for and running those. But the best part about a good Max run? A finally relaxed and chill Max…at least for a few hours!

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