Key West, part deux

7 Apr

As our time in the Keys winds down, we decided to hit up Key West once more and visit some of the museums. The girls were dying to see shipwreck treasure and six-toed cats. 🙂

It was a lovely day, spent hanging out with the treasures at the Mel Fisher Museum and the home of author Ernest Hemingway, and great Cuban food at Juan Loves Lucy. We ended it all with a Mallory Square people-watching-sunset.


When Hemingway was traveling to Paris, his wife wanted to surprise him with a new swimming pool at a cost of 20,000 dollars. The sticker shocked author handed this penny to his wife and said, “Pauline, you’ve spent all but my last penny, so you might as well have that!” The penny is still here.


Madi was so impressed with all the recovered treasure

Hemingway's house...built on the highest hill in the Keys at 16 feet above sea level

Hemingway’s house…built on the highest hill in the Keys at 16 feet above sea level


Mallory Square…so many interesting characters


Hemingway’s writing studio


Atocha pottery treasure



Hemingway’s garden

Sloppy Joe's

Sloppy Joe’s


Madi got a great shot of Hemingway’s famous six-toed cats. Currently there are 45 cats living on the property. They consume 80 pounds of cat food each week!

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