Lessons in rock

19 Mar

We found an unassuming shop along the A1A, but only from the outside. It looks like an opal shop, and I (this is Robin) stopped in during a run one day to see if they could engrave sea glass as a gift (don’t tell Madi). The old man who owns the store has been collecting and selling gems, petrified wood, sea glass, rare corals, old jewelry pieces, and rocks since the 60s…and the bins and bins and bins of treasures show this passion.

On the walls are photos of him as a young rock hound with his rock hammer wandering through the California desert. We came to find out that he also spent time as a child in Vanport (in Portland, OR where we are from) as his parents helped build ships during WWII!

After hours in this shop the girls are broke, but we are all richer in stories and rock treasures. If you are ever in Marathon, you must check out J&J Jewelry Repair and Gifts…an amazing and warm place.

Looking for that one stone

Looking for that one stone


Unearthing new treasures

Unearthing new treasures

2 Responses to “Lessons in rock”

  1. Michelle Hows March 25, 2014 at 12:37 pm #

    My grandpa was a rock hound and I could totally see the gentleman you described as being there right along my grandpa. He (Grandpa) could tell you down to the number of steps where he had found all his rocks and thunder eggs. That is very cool you and the girls were able to spend time and learn from him.
    Love your adventures too!

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