Three Muskateers

8 Mar

Today we motor sailed 45 miles down to Marathon. Winds were light to nonexistence…but it did give us a chance to air out the genaker which had gotten wet last week when our AC condensation line clogged up.


Our three muskateers enjoyed the sunshine

We spotted four sea turtles, one dolphin pod, cormorants galore, and some odd little fish that would skip and spin across the surface of the water to escape us (think wingless flying fish).

We were very glad to leave Tavernier, as our last marina wasn’t like the cruiser friendly world we have come to love. One notable exception was the great folks at the yacht sales center who know how to throw a party.


Keys coastline

Arriving here in Marathon, within the first hour we were greeted by several folks with willing hands to grab lines, a tour walking to the office by a livaboard, a ride to the Seafood Fest (which had very yummy conch fritters!), and an offer to borrow a car for a grocery run. Very nice!


We will stay here for a month or so for visitors, a milestone birthday in April (Miss Madi will be turning 13), and some leaky sail drive gasket repairs.

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