Reanimation Juice

5 Mar

I am a big coffee lover, especially in the morning. Especially those mornings where you just can’t reanimate yourself (every morning?). I even do serious provision planning when it comes to coffee so I can always have my morning fix. No one wants to sail with a cranky Robin.


This is how mornings SHOULD be…as long as I don’t notice that we only have one orange left for breakfast… which means I need to plan another grocery run

A quiet coffee morning is much better than what greeted us the other day. We awoke to strong paint fumes leaking out of our forward port hold. Now, we may not be the saltiest of sailors, but we definitely know this is a bad smell inside a boat (especially when you aren’t doing any painting). A quick crawl back to dig through our various containers of extra supplies revealed the culprit hissing away happily.


Salt air is corrosive. This was in an enclosed salt water free zone: in a bag that was in a box.

This day now became an inventory maintenance day to check the state of our other under pressure supplies . That and fan-out-the-smell day…actually two fan-out-the-smell days. Paint does reanimate one in the morning, but it’s not as enjoyable as coffee.

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