27 Feb

See that beautiful stream of water? That means our AC is now working again, and cool air on sticky nights feels GLORIOUS!



Not very cruisy of us to miss air conditioning? I know…and not very solar of us either. But, there it is. We like air conditioning when it’s hot and humid.

On a sailboat, the air conditioning systems use a separate pump that pulls in water to cool the unit. They have to pump the right amount of gallons per minute, and take the corrosive nature of salt water. Last summer our pump began having issues. We figured no problem, it’s probably the impeller. We’re replaced many of those now, so thought it would be no big deal. We pulled the thing out and tried to crack it open to fix it, just to realize that the old pump was completely sealed up and not repairable (not without cutting it all open…something that would be hard to repair with rescue tape or 5200). We limped along with a cheap ac in one of our large hatches when we were at dock (did I mention that a boat summer in Florida is very humid and sweaty without ac), but that was unsightly and leaky.

We finally broke down and ordered a little giant, and after a few hours of Andy contorting to make the replacement we can say that it’s performing wonderfully!

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