Glass bottom boat

6 Feb

For the longest time Peyton has wanted to go ocean exploring on a glass bottom boat. We remind her that we did this in Jamaica when she was three, but I guess she doesn’t remember. Robin also suggested she take an empty pickle jar and stick her head in it in the water off the sugar scoops and look around, or better yet just throw on her snorkel gear and we could tow her while we sail over it. Those ideas didn’t really fly.

So, today Andy rescued the girls from an afternoon of homeschooling on our mooring ball in the park and treated them to an official John Pennekamp park glass bottom boat ride out to the Florida Reef, the only barrier coral reef in North America and the third-largest coral barrier reef in the world. Specifically, they visited Molasses Reef. What a nice dad!

Madi and Peyton spotted three turtles (one of which was a Hawksbill), and lots of coral and reef fish including parrot fish, and grouper. Very sad, they saw an 800-year old brain coral that was damaged by an anchor and will most likely die. Madi was grossed out by the fact that they left dock with ten sea sick bags, and when they came back to dock they were all used up.

All in all, it was a wonderful time and Peyton finally got her glass bottom boat ride. Robin still likes her pickle jar idea.


Heading out


Front row seats!


Very happy girls!


Madi’s shot of the Hawksbill

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