Mooring musings

5 Feb

Our first mooring with Max went well. He decided the trampoline was the spot to pee (good dog!), but only after the girls threw him off the sugar scoop for a swim (mean girls!). They actually aren’t as mean as they sound since he LOVES being dried with a towel, and rolls around getting rubbed for a half hour or so after he takes a “swim.”

It was either that or kayak a squeaky dog the half mile to shore, since our dinghy motor has crapped out again (sigh). His squeakiness is to tell us just what he thinks of all this craziness. Back to the motor, we think it may just have a gunked up carb, but no one has torn it apart yet to check. In the meantime, we dunk Max to pee, and row to shore when we must.


Max pining for shore


Clear water shows amazing manatee turtle grass

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