Thankful for the little things

20 Jan

This weekend we have all come down with mild colds. None of of have been sick since last February, so we are not used to feeling poorly. This quiet weekend, we are all thankful for little things. Little things like not needing to sail anywhere and dock, electricity for television, video games, and heat (it has been cold at night…cold like 51 degrees F…and heat is amazing). Yes we know we are weather wimps. Knowing that we still put on our socks, long pants, and jackets.


Max is thankful for a sunny deck where he can people watch


The girls are thankful for fuzzy blankets and soft pillows…and a snuggle Max


Andy is thankful for his unlimited AT&T data plan, his man cave…and a Max


Robin is thankful for a quiet boat, a cup of coffee, and a nosy Max (sorry for the blur..but he was wiggly)

Sense a theme emerging? See, we told you that Max has woven himself thoroughly into our life!

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