Boat dog day one

9 Jan

We finally picked Max up yesterday, and we are happy to report that he seems to be adjusting to this crazy new life. The shelter staff were thrilled to see him get a home, as he’d been there for many weeks and was having a rough time of it.

We are enthusiastically working to win over this fearful little guy. He prefers to remain indoors, and gets nervous every time we have to go outside. He also doesn’t like strangers coming up to him (he doesn’t see us as strangers now…and that didn’t take much more than some loves and a bag of treats). He and Banyan appear to get along quite well, but we’ll see once the newness wears off. He doesn’t quite know his name yet, and isn’t sure if he really wants to play, but he comes when we ask and it’s obvious that he wants to please us.

Once his life jacket arrives and he heals up from being neutered (and it warms up from the crazy cold 50 degree weather!!!) we can test him out away from dock to see what kind of a water dog he’ll be! Oh, we are also happy to report that while he prefers a nice palm for his morning pee, the cockpit works too (so there, Syd…guess you need to come take a lesson from Max).


Checking out the grackles and other boaters



First night sleeping with the girls

Getting in on the home school action

Getting in on the home school action…there is a Peyton head behind that book


Found his favorite perch...he can keep an eye on things inside and out

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