New Year’s Eve and Junkanoo

31 Dec

Happy New Year and Junkanoo from Nassau Harbour! We had a quiet and relaxing day on the dock, washing underwear and such.

What is Junkanoo you ask? Well, it’s a street festival that starts on Boxing Day (Dec 26) and goes through New Year’s Day. On Boxing Day, various groups who have been working on their costumes, music, and dance routines for many months compete to win the competition. The categories include Best Overall Performance, Choreographed Dancers, Free Dancers, Banner, Lead Costume, Off-the Shoulder, and Shirley Street. This year’s first place winner were the Bahama Valley Boys. For Bahamians, getting behind your favorite Junkanoo groups and smack talking other groups are like sports teams. It was fun to get folks going by mentioning how One Family got robbed of second place.

We had every intention of wandering down on New Year’s Eve to watch the parade, but when we found out that it starts after midnight church services end (around 3AM), we all sighed big sighs and burrowed into our snugly book spots a little deeper. Yes, we lack motivation today. Since no one was up for a 3AM trip down to the Junkanoo festival we settled with this view from our cockpit. Some of the best fireworks we’ve seen, and this was just one of three barges in the harbor!

Fireworks from our cockpit

Fireworks from our cockpit

I did find a cool blog post by another cruising couple who took lots of cool pictures, audio and video. You can check out someone who was more motivated here:

We did see a mini Junkanoo parade at Atlantis, and we danced along after the coolness for a bit, so we did catch a bit of it.

Marina Village Junkanoo parade

Proof that we saw something Junkanoo related at the Marina Village Junkanoo parade

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